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Alm. Brand

Alm. Brand

The challenge

Alm. Brand generates over a million of different types of documents for different operations within their business per year. Their previous solution produced multiple mailings to an individual customer within a week, increasing mailing costs and customer frustration. This implemented software did not give Alm. Brand flexibility to place conditions and automate their workflow, therefore requiring manual banking and handling of customized mailings. Identifying the unnecessary costs associated with mailings, Alm. Brand sought an answer to maintain its complex mailings while reducing costs through postage and paper savings.


The solution

The most important objective of Alm. Brand was to improve efficiency, lower postal costs and decrease the amount of manual handling and error rates. These improvements were achieved with Eddoc Weaver, an easy-to-use document output management software, which now plays an essential part in Alm. Brand’s improved customized mailing process solution.

Input Data – Alm. Brand’s own software TIA creates AFP output, which Eddoc Weaver reads as input files. These captured AFP files contain TLE’s that Eddoc Weaver reads to define which processes are to be performed. Alm. Brand utilizes a single workflow, which means that input data contains various different types of documents from all the lines of Alm Brand’s businesses, such as multiple insurance branches and banking.

Document Reengineering – Eddoc Weaver adds and deletes pages, such as redundant policy information, groups documents belonging to the same customer together and adds/deletes OMR and postal codes for efficient postal handling. These reengineering steps transformed Alm. Brand’s time consuming document handling process into a fluent, automated workflow where both waste of resources and the amount of irritated customers is reduced.

Document Customization – Eddoc Weaver facilitates the customization of Alm. Brand’s outgoing customer communications. Different communications require different insertions due to the characteristics of the message. Only relevant documents are inserted and customers are provided with matching policies for their insurance. This ability to customize outgoing communications individually with unique business logic reduces the costs of labour, paper waste, and time.

Postal Savings – Postal savings are realized through multiple avenues: mail consolidation, pre-sorting of mailings and adding barcodes. Alm. Brand’s outgoing mail is sorted according to weight, which reduces manual sorting when affixing postage. Barcodes are automatically placed on the letters by the postal service provider for routing identification. These pre-processing steps provide Alm. Brand significant savings on postal costs.

Output – Output optimization means better efficiency, allowing Alm. Brand to optimize printing speeds and document processing times. Eddoc Weaver’s unique engine is designed to eliminate redundancies in fonts and images to decrease the file sizes and allow faster print times. With Weaver Alm. Brand can easily convert AFP input into PostScript files.

System Compatibility – Eddoc Weaver’s compatibility with all systems allowed Alm Brand to easily integrate Eddoc Weaver into its existing solution to realise the savings they sought. The solution also allowed Alm. Brand to use their virtual platform to access Eddoc Weaver via cloud computing.